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    December 2017
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Shaun Lee is a business coach, strategic marketer, Feng Shui consultant and serial entrepreneur. Shaun has an eclectic background that blend a variety of modalities in which he has been trained and which can be utilized as needed in his work with clients.




As a business coach, Shaun works with business owners to help them identify and understand their working style and behavioural patterns that interfere with their personal, financial and professional potential. He uses an archetypal system to make it easy to understand a business owner’s inborn character, in order to maximize his/her potential.


As a strategic marketer, Shaun get business owners to deliberate and ponder over where, how and when they want compete in the marketplace based on their strengths and available resources, in order to differentiate themselves from their competitors. Of course, Shaun will also contribute his ideas and opinions, based on his marketing knowledge and entrepreneurial experiences.


As a Feng Shui consultant, Shaun’s role is to help business owners create a conducive working environment to conduct their business operations. This is important because our environment can either support us or drain us out. Shaun will identify the Qi (or energy) flows in the business premises and propose adjustments to capture vital energies and stop bad ones from sabotaging plans.


Some of my happy clients have written a thank-you note to me.

One thing I like about Shaun is that he doesn't try to curry my favour. He is straight and honest with me, something that I truly want in a coach. I would highly recommend Shaun as a business coach.
Kevin NgDao of Vegetarian
My past experience in working with Shaun had been a very positive one. Shaun is very professional and efficient in his work. I welcome a chance to work with him again. Thanks Shaun!
Stephen MokPalazon Technology Pte Ltd
Working with Shaun had been very beneficial. Not just with my business but with my personal life as well. He is a great motivator and advisor. I am now doing what I am naturally born to do!
Ken LimMTL System Pte Ltd

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